Kermis Profitability Seminars

Helping companies improve the bottom line since 1987.

Sound information equals sound decisions.

Kermis Profitability Seminars helps corporations and institutions understand and apply the fundamentals of accounting and finance through fast-paced and informative seminars taught in an "unaccountant-like" style that energizes a topic often considered dull.

KPS programs are designed to give non-financial personnel the basic tools needed to help them confidently make assessments and decisions related to the profitability of their businesses.

The seminars are exciting, engaging, and educational for participants and profitable for their organizations. KPS clients have included Fortune 500 companies, manufacturers, financial institutions, and professional service firms.

Dr. Kermis has lived many of the issues he presents as a practicing CPA and consultant. His commitment to answering questions of attendees - rather than merely covering material - provides a real time, dynamic dimension to the seminars.